Sima Patel

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Sima graduated from Queen Mary’s University in 2011, and was awarded the prestigious Old Londoner’s Award, for the most supportive dental student in her year. Sima has been a Dental Hygienist for nearly 10 years. Her dental role includes conducting scale and polishes, periodontal treatment (non- surgical), administration of analgesics, whitening treatment, pocket charting, and taking medical histories.

Sima's expertise is periodontal disease, she specialises in different types of periodontal disease and treating the disease. She reads research papers, attends conferences and continues professional development around the subject. Sima enjoys this area of dentistry because every individual is different and presents with varying periodontal diseases which have to be treated according to each individual. She treats her patients regularly and therefore establishes a good rapport with them. Sima has a gentle hand, and is a friendly and compassionate individual, which patient’s highly commend.

Sima has also volunteered for charities in India and Africa performing dental treatment on those less fortunate. She visited Sierra Leone and treated hundreds of people with varying dental problems and educated children in schools regarding good oral health and dental education.

Sima believes it is important to work well within a team. She enjoys working with her dental team from receptionists to dentists and nurses. Work cannot be successful without a team’s effort.

Outside of work, Sima enjoys running, yoga and tennis. She loves reading crime genre books, and has a keen interest in Psychology, cooking and enjoys watching movies.